Combat With Aloha: Uniting Knifemakers for a Cause

Combat With Aloha is more than just a collaboration—it’s a heartfelt collective effort brought to life by five exceptional knife makers: Neil Kamimura, Mareko Maumasi, Kaila Cumings, Andreas Kalani, and William Brigham. Together, they form Team Combat, representing the next generation of knife makers who share not only their craft but also a deep bond of camaraderie and shared values.

In this exclusive video presentation, you’ll meet each member of Team Combat and delve into their individual journeys—how they discovered their passion for knife making, honed their skills, and what drives them forward in this art form. Each brings a unique set of techniques and perspectives, enriching the collaborative process and demonstrating their collective commitment to excellence in knife making.

The Combat with Aloha project showcases the collective talents of these bladesmiths as they come together to create a knife that embodies each of their strengths. Beyond craftsmanship, this initiative also aims to spread a positive message about unity and community within the knife making world—a community marked by passion, positivity, and mutual support.

As a testament to their dedication to giving back, the finished knife from this collaboration is now available for auction, with all proceeds benefiting Camp Southern Ground—a noble cause supporting our veterans. By participating in this auction, you not only acquire a unique piece of craftsmanship but also contribute to a meaningful initiative that honors and supports those who have served our country.

Combat With Aloha is more than just knives—it’s a celebration of artistry, community spirit, and the enduring bond that unites knifemakers worldwide. Join us in embracing the spirit of aloha and the joy of craftsmanship with every blade forged by Team Combat.

Together, we forge excellence. Together, we combat with aloha.

Collaboration with #teamcombat sponsored by @combatabrasives where @rpm_neil, @maumasifirearts, @the_artificery, @kailacumings & I got together for a special collaboration to benefit our troops!