King Bluetooth: A Tribute Blade Inspired by Heritage and Craftsmanship

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to @blade_magazine for the incredible honor of featuring my work alongside renowned makers. It’s a true privilege.

Introducing “The #KingBluetooth” – a 16” #TantoKukriBowie design inspired by my dear friend and master craftsman @slavik_tely. For a closer look at his exceptional craftsmanship, visit his profile and YouTube channel.

What’s in a Name? For those unfamiliar, I’ve always held a deep fascination for Viking culture and craftsmanship, which influences how I name my creations following the Noris methodology. In this instance, King Harald Bluetooth, who ruled Denmark from c. 958 – c. 986, inspired me. Known for uniting nations and introducing Christianity to Denmark, Harald’s legacy resonates in this blade that melds Japanese Tanto, Indian Kukri, and American Bowie influences.

Discover the heritage behind The King Bluetooth blade—a testament to craftsmanship and cultural fusion.