A Tribute in Steel: Honoring Whiskey with a Personal Knife Project

I’m overwhelmed with a whirlwind of emotions—sadness tinged with gratitude. Two years ago, I lost my beloved companion of 11 years, @i.am.whiskey. His departure left an indelible void in my heart, leaving me adrift in sorrow and confusion. Searching for solace and a meaningful tribute, I embarked on a journey to create a memorial piece in his honor.

Months later, I reached out to the esteemed @steveschwarzer with a heartfelt request—to craft a personal knife using steel from Whiskey’s chain and incorporating his ashes. I was deeply touched and privileged when Steve embraced my idea wholeheartedly, welcoming me into his Florida workshop for several days of collaborative craftsmanship.

Together, we forged canister Damascus from Whiskey’s chain, infusing it with his essence in a mesmerizing and profoundly emotional process. Working alongside this legend was not just an honor but a transformative experience that words cannot fully capture. I’m immensely grateful for Steve’s kindness and generosity throughout this journey.

For the full story, delve into the 42nd edition of Knives Magazine where every detail of this heartfelt project unfolds.